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The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey

The Gospel Straight Rye Whiskey

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AUSTRALIA (45% ABV) 700ml

Where Sazerac, Pikesville and Rittenhouse have become household names in Rye whiskey, you can soon add another. The new project of distilling duo, Ben Bowles and Andrew Fitzgerald of ‘Melbourne Moonshine’ fame has been four years in the making. 

Simply known as 'The Gospel', it’s the country’s first distillery exclusively dedicated to Rye whiskey. Set in the backstreets of Melbourne’s Brunswick and built around a six-metre-high continuous column still and bespoke copper pot still, The Gospel is a whiskey that shows serious attention to detail. 

Tasting note: The bouquet opens oily and grain-focussed; buttered dark rye bread, dustings of cocoa, hints of muddled mint and purring spices build over deeper oak sugars. Crisp on entry with a medium-bodied, creamy -yet-peppery attack. Oily rye glides across wafery vanillas as the spices intensify. Beautifully controlled, and with serious length and staying power. 
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