Liquore delle Sirene Canto

Liquore delle Sirene Canto

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ITALY (27% ABV) 500ml

Elisa Carta grew up on the shores of Lake Garda, Baia delle Sirene (Bay of the Sirens, from which her line of liqueurs takes its name). She learned to grow herbs from her grandmother, and has since reworked many old family recipes, sourcing almost all her botanicals from local organic farmers.

The ‘Canto Amaro’ features Lake Garda lemons, thistle, rose berries, sweet and bitter orange, kina, cinnamon, and timut pepper (similar to sichuan pepper), which lend this amaro a uniquely warming quality. All botanical infusions are done separately, blended, and then spend a short time resting in small oak casks. The result is medium-bitter, with both herbal and citrus character. Sweet vanilla and crushed dark cacao nibs add depth, mingling with orange, cinnamon, and baking spice before finishing with warming ginger and a faint kiss of timut pepper heat.

 Tasting note:  A deeply coloured Amaro with lifted scents of orange peel, gentian and hints of orchard flowers and a silky, pure delivery including gently bittersweet flavours of citrus peel, vanilla, incense, as well as hints of pepper and potpourri. Serve it neat or with tonic and a lemon twist.