Silvio Carta Giniu

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ITALY (40%ABV) 700ml

Wild juniper berries are hand-gathered from plants that grow 5-6 metres from the Sardinian coastline (on the beach) and are used fresh (not dried) in the distillation process. The berries are transported to the distillery in special cane baskets to ensure they do not get damaged.
The fresh juniper berries are macerated for 20-25 days and no other botanicals are added.
An intense and aromatic gin with the unmistakable scent and flavour of pure juniper. Smooth, elegant and dry. A gin of this quality should be used in its purest expression, such as in a martini - we prefer no garnish, as not to interfere with the aromas of this incredible, singular gin. 

This gin presents as the perfect gift - the beautiful glass bottle with a fantastically heavy stopper is reminiscent of a bottle of fragrance, and comes packaged in its own wooden box. A fine gift for the gin fanatic.