Cappelletti Rabarbaro Sfumato

Cappelletti Rabarbaro Sfumato

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ITALY (20% ABV) 750ml

The term Sfumato derives from the Italian word for smoke “fumo”. It is traditionally associated with a style of Renaissance painting characterized by subtle transitions between areas of dark and light.

This speaks directly to the profile of this Amaro which marries a dark smokiness with nuanced bitter woodsiness from alpine herbs and notes of sweet alpine berries.

The main ingredient is a special Chinese Rhubarb that has been grown in Trentino Alto Adige e Veneto for generations, where it has long been used in a variety of Amari. The production of a Rhubarb liqueur by the Amari and Aperitivi producer Cappelletti dates back almost a century.

Sfumato offers a taste profile that resonates with the character and history of the region. 

Tasting note: Pours a viscous, turbid, umber brown with gold ochre edges. Peaks on the nose with an amalgam of intense earthy, rooty, woody aromas followed by cigar box, smouldering cedar and pipe tobacco. Creamy with gently bittersweet flavours of kumquat, liquorice root, smoked herb, bitter peel. Dries at the finish. Ends pleasantly bitter with a subtle smokey dried herb aftertaste.