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Oscar 697 Bianco Vermouth

Oscar 697 Bianco Vermouth

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ITALY (16%ABV) 750ml

Produced in Canelli, in the province of Asti in the Piedmont region in Italy’s north-west, this fairly new Vermouth brand is the brainchild of three drinks experts: Stefano di Dio, Oscar Quagliarini (the brand’s namesake who created the recipe for the vermouth) and Oreste Sconfienza, a vermuttista who’s been making Italian vermouth since the late 1950s. 

The Bianco offers strong notes of bergamot, yarrow muscat and elderflower. The sugar level is kept relatively low (14%) to ensure the final product is drier and slightly more bitter than most other examples. Recommended in a Spritz or with white spirits such as gin, tequila and pisco. Fantastic as a martini vermouth. 

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