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Marionette Dry Cassis

Marionette Dry Cassis

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AUSTRALIA (20% ABV) 500ml

Ribena for grown-ups! Tarter than traditional cassis, Marionette Dry Cassis delivers the classic juicy punch of ripe blackcurrants with around half the sugar content of the French original. This is balanced by an acidity that brings a refreshing zing to all things bubbly.

Made with Tasmanian blackcurrants from father & son, Rob & Richard Clark, who have dedicated 20 years to growing the very best blackcurrants. Their traditional White Bud variety thrives in Tassie’s cool climate. The fruit is small yielding but high in acidity, antioxidants & anthocyanins. Flavourful & distinct, Rob & Richard’s powerful little berries sing in Marionette’s Dry Cassis.

Champion Liqueur, Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018 & 2019

Perfect for Kir Royals, Kir Biers, Kir Normands & punch.

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