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La Cerba Vermouth

La Cerba Vermouth

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ITALY (17% ABV) 700ml

La Cerba is a white, sweet and aromatic vermouth produced in small batches according to traditional methods. Based on Moscato Giallo, from the vines around Riva del Garda.

Enriched with two extracts, one of herbs, spices and peels, the other the result of an infusion of olives (casaliva) in grappa (Zadra method) and sugar, it is rounded and elegant on the palate, with hints of flowers and citrus fruits, characterized by the bitter note of marc. A hint of cooked must sets the characteristic golden yellow color of this vermouth which, thanks to its pleasant freshness, leaves the mouth clean ready to welcome another glass.

The labels are a tribute to Futurism and Fortunato Depero.

Serve over ice. 

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