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Cappelletti Vino Elisir Novasalus Vino Amaro Digestif Liqueur

Cappelletti Vino Elisir Novasalus Vino Amaro Digestif Liqueur

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ITALY (16% ABV) 750ml 

Perhaps the most earnest of digestivi, Elisir Novasalus is revered in Alto Adige and regions beyond. Made by an Erboristeria (master of botanicals) and trader in wines, it combines plants from the surrounding high alps (Alto Adige) with a dry Marsala and a unique tree sap of Sicily. The resulting amaro is bold, bitter and exceptionally complex, with layers upon layers of flavor. Famously comforting after a large meal. While not traditionally mixed, it is nicely followed by a small glass of sparkling wine. Unrivalled in its palate effect, it makes for a perfect finish to a meal.

Tasting note: Deep umber brown with viscous, glass staining gold ochre edges. Attractively bitter herbal aromas hint at turmeric, sage, cardamom and cola. Entry is delicately bitter, svelte textured. Mid palate intensifies the bittersweet herbal qualities; Finish is mouth coating, dried herb-like with a prolonged turmeric and bitter citrus peel aftertaste that lingers minutes after the first taste. Very true to style and surprisingly concentrated at this ABV. 

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