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Braulio Amaro Dello Stelvio

Braulio Amaro Dello Stelvio

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ITALY (21% ABV) 700ml

Braulio is made in the true Alpine style from a venerated estate begun by Francesco Peloni over a century ago. Located in Valtellina, near the border with Switzerland, this amaro is made from a secret recipe of over 20 mountain herbs and botanicals, which are gathered and used to create this one-of-a-kind spirit. Foresty, herbaceous, and piney, with a floral character and a distinct menthol note. Intense concentration with a touch of medicinal spice that speaks to the original purposes of these ancient potions. Very refreshing, with a pungent bitterness.

The main ingredients of Braulio are medicinal herbs, fruits, roots and berries that, at least originally, were collected on the slopes of the Braulio Valley.

The liqueur is aged for two years in casks of Slavonian oak. 

Serve chilled neat or on the rocks, but this can also be used with soda or scaled up into cocktails like sours.

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