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Bordiga Vermouth Di Torino Rosso

Bordiga Vermouth Di Torino Rosso

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ITALY (AVB 18%) 750ml

What sets this Vermouth apart is its blend of Piedmont's Nebbiolo, the grape used to produce renowned Barolo and Barbaresco wines, with white wines such as Moscato. These wines are carefully selected and combined with a variety of herbal infusions, spices, and roots, including wormwood, lime, marjoram, mint, cinchona bark, cardamon, vanilla, carnation berries, gentian root, sage, citrus peel, fennel, and coriander. Many of these ingredients are grown in the Occitan Alps near the winery. Although it's considered slightly lighter than other Italian Rossos, a hint of cola sweetness on the finish is balanced out by bitterness and spice.

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