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Bordiga Vermouth Di Torino Extra Dry

Bordiga Vermouth Di Torino Extra Dry

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ITALY (AVB 18%) 750ml

Bordiga's Bianco and this particular product share a similar level of herbal complexity and concentration. However, this one distinguishes itself by being less sweet. The base wine is made up of Piedmontese white varietals and infused with over thirty different botanicals, with many of them grown in the Occitan Alps near the winery. These botanicals include lime, absinthe, coriander, marjoram, fennel, gentile absinth, cinchona (quinine), cardamom, quassia, Madagascan bourbon vanilla, gentian root, sage, and citrus peel. Each of them is macerated separately in triple-distilled grain spirit before being blended into the wine base, which is then highlighted with a touch of Moscato.

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