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Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo

Bizzarro Bitter Aperitivo

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AUSTRALIA (19.5% ABV) 750ml

Bizzarro is an all natural, Australian bitter aperitivo, made the Delinquente way – scant regard for tradition, all about deliciousness.

They take a neutral grape spirit, infuse it with an array of fruits, herbs and other botanicals, and use this concoction to fortify a dry white wine.

But, of course, they up the flavour ante, using organically grown Riverland oranges and lemons to create an intoxicating citrus hit. Traditional aperitivo ingredients such as rhubarb and gentian root provide the bitterness, while the base wine is our super aromatic, organic and biodynamic skin contact Vermentino.

The result – an aperitivo that perfectly balances sweet and bitter, making it incredible versatile – pour it into your pet nat spritz, mix it into your favourite cocktails or serve up over ice with a splash of soda.

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