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Antica Torino Vermouth Dry

Antica Torino Vermouth Dry

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ITALY (18% ABV) 750ml

In 2016 Vittorio Zoppi and Filippo Antonelli founded the company known as Antica Torino, in an attempt to produce and rediscover flavored wines, liqueurs and spirits in traditional Piedmont fashion, by using ancient family recipes or creating new ones, but always inspired by the past.

The Torino Dry Vermouth is created from a 1950’s recipe called “extract for dry vermouth”. Among the ingredients are absinthe, yarrow muscat, centaurea, hyssop, thistle, sage - both mountain and garden herbs.

The maceration of the ingredients occurs separately and once joined they are partially distilled following a long ageing process in steel vats. The wine used is Cortese Doc from Piedmont which renders a particular, elegant, floral, vinous vermouth with a strong aroma. The distillation of parts of the macerated ingredients provides longevity to the finished product.

Dry vermouth is delectable on ice with lemon zest or it can be used as a distinguishing ingredient in famous cocktails such as the Martini, the Perfect Martini and the Old Pal. 

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