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Amaro Nonino Riserva

Amaro Nonino Riserva

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ITALY (AVB 35%) 700ml

Riserva is a high-quality version of Antonio Nonino's ancient Amaro recipe, which has been aged for 24 months in barriques and small casks to create a smoother flavor profile. The Nonino family has a tradition of extended maturation, partly to develop a distinctive style and partly due to the prohibitive cost of stainless steel vats. The resulting Amaro has a deep golden hue and a fresh aroma reminiscent of aged grappa. On the palate, soft notes of fruit bread, dried apricots, raisins, quinine, and a hint of white pepper give way to a medium-bodied, fruity, and zesty flavor that's more refreshing than bitter. The grappa base spirit is discernible, while the finish is complex and features hints of chamomile tea, gentian, bergamot, apple mint, and warming spices. Due to its lighter and less assertive style, Riserva is versatile and pairs well with cream-based desserts, cheese, Tiramisu, and chocolate. It is also recommended as an ingredient in an Old-Fashioned, although it's best to leave out other bitters. The bottle, which is decorated in an 'apothecary' style, adds to the overall appeal of this beautiful product.

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