Amaro Lucano

Amaro Lucano

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ITALY (28% ABV) 700ml

Pasquale Vena first developed this special recipe of 30+ herbs and essential oils in the backroom of his famous cookie bakery in 1894 in Pisticci, a small town in Lucania, Italy.

The Amaro Lucano recipe has been passed down through the years and is still family-owned today in its fourth generation. The recipe is jealously kept by the Vena family and is continually appreciated by consumers all over the world. Amaro Lucano is the result of deeply rooted family tradition and has succeeded over time through its unique product innovation.

Amaro Lucano boasts complex aromatics on the nose and is well balanced with a poised flavor profile. Characterized by floral and citrus flavors, hints of herbs and vegetal notes shine through in a rich bouquet of spice and herbs. Due to Lucano’s unique flavor profile, it may be used as a key ingredient when mixed in to a variety of cocktails or culinary dessert recipes. Enjoy Amaro Lucano responsibly also neat, chilled, or on the rocks.