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Amaro Alpino

Amaro Alpino

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ITALY (18.5% AVB) 700ml

Amaro Alpino is still the result of the careful combination of botanicals identified in 1930 by the founder Agostino Pontillo and combined in a secret recipe.. Amaro Alpino is made with the natural infusion of 22 herbs, roots and berries. 

In particular Gentiana, Juniper Berries, Salvia Sclarea and Elderflower stand out above all. Alpino is an Amaro rich in mountains scents and perfect for digestion.

Amaro Alpinoshows true style in its richness and complexity without being overpowering at just 18.5% ABV. An amaro that is very well balanced between sweetness and purely bitter notes making it perfectly suited for any palate as an aperitif or digestif. It’s structure makes it perfect to be mixed with other products for cocktails, on its own poured over ice or turning into a spritz with soda and citrus.

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