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Amacardo Black

Amacardo Black

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ITALY (30% ABV) 500ml

Wild artichoke is a delicacy in the Meditteranean and the star of this Amaro from below Mount Etna. A 6 month soak is needed to extract the desired artichokes before being sweetened and infused with local herbs and roots. Sumptuous, semi-sweet and dotted with Mediterranean herbs yet with a precise, delicately bitter finish.

Tasting note: Translucent ochre / sienna brown. Engaging aromas of orange spice cake, fruit mince pie, sage, tarragon and oregano. A superb, semi-sweet, spiced orange cake burst; finishes drier, balanced, super pure with a delicately bitter herbal, ginger bread, cinnamon and orange peel fade. Very moreish.

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