L.N. Mattei Cap Corse Gde Reserve Rouge

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The 'Cap Corse, Great Reserve Quinquina' L.N MATTEI, is an aperitif prepared according to the formula bequeathed by its creator Louis Napoléon Mattei whose secret has been carefully preserved; it has as essential base the Mistelles de Corse to which have been associated hygienic and stomachic products of first quality. Its dazzling superiority over all similar products and its now worldwide fame justify the favor with which this delicious aperitif has enjoyed with a delicate public, for nearly a century and a half. Such a vogue could not fail to tempt counterfeiters. We warn consumers against these imitations of the '' CAP CORSE MATTEI '' which ALONE must be served at the request of ONE CAP

Bitterest chocolate orange, eucalyptus, black mint, golden marmalade. Cap Mattei Grande Réserve Quinquina Rouge is an intense yet elegant aperitif wine. First, charming “oral notes delight the palate, before sharp aromatic elements supply a gradually increasing pleasant bitterness that finishes on a profound quinquina aftertaste. 17% 750ml